Welcome To The Church Planting Alliance - Southern Africa

CPA-SA WelcomeResearch reveals that thousands of communities in the Southern Africa remain untouched by the transforming presence of a healthy church.
At the current church growth trends, most will remain beyond the reach of a local church… unless the Body of Christ is mobilized for church planting. Healthy churches planted and growing right where people live, place Jesus in their midst.

A local congregation of believers where men, women and young people live out the life of Christ in His beauty, power, compassion and forgiveness is a powerful agent of transformation in a community.

There is no better way to disciple a nation and it is undoubtedly the strategy given to us in the New Testament!

"The very heart of reaching cities with the gospel is the planting of new churches." Bennie Mostert (Jerico Walls Int.)

"The CPA is a significant movement providing momentum to the transformation process." John V. Thomas (ACTS - Cape Town)

"Systematic, strategic church planting is the only way to seeing real transformation in our townships and cities." Jack Baloyi (MAWINSO - Tshwane)

Who are the CPA?

The Church Planting Alliance is a vision-driven, loosely structured alliance of church leaders and ministries committed to the vision of saturating the nation with healthy churches. This is accomplished through effective evangelism and disciple-making initiatives. The CPA does not solicit membership to an organization, but serves as a network to motivate and mobilise the Body of Christ toward the complete of the Great Commission.

CPA SA TeamFounding partners include; Evangelism Commission of the The Evangelical Alliance of South Africa (TEASA), OC Africa, Africa Network Evangelism Task (AFnet) and other denominations and ministries. The CPA works in close partnership with the Global Church Planting Network (GCPN), The World Evangelism Network of South Africa (WENSA) and the Movement for African National Initiative (MANI).


A Brief History

Church Planting Alliance - South and Southern AfricaRecognising this reality, leaders from across South Africa gathered at the National Consultation on Church Planting in 1999. As leaders who prayerfully assessed the situation, it was determined that a strategic alliance was necessary to help stimulate and facilitate church planting movements. This led to the birth of the Church Planting Alliance of Southern Africa.

Because of the size of Southern Africa and its vast rural populations, the CPA concentrates on rural and city initiatives. National conferences are held where leaders share reports from the regions and receive practical training from top international and local ministries.

Our Mission

Church Planting Alliance of Southern Africa exists to encourage and facilitate the multiplication of healthy churches throughout Southern Africa and beyond.

Our Strategy

  1. Mobilize the Body of Christ in a determined effort to complete the Great Commission in Southern Africa.
  2. Network leaders in strategic partnerships for church planting.
  3. Facilitate saturation church planting projects at national, provincial and city levels.
  4. Research the harvest force / field in our nations.
  5. Encourage united prayer for community transformation.
  6. Provide an effective platform for training and mobilization through ongoing national and regional consultations.
  7. Offer training resources on church planting, leadership, church development and intercession.
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